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Itchy Red Scrotum Syndrome Treatment For Bumps On Scrotum

Red Rash in Groin Area -Red Scrotum Syndrome Home Treatment

Red Scrotum Syndrome treatment is often multifaceted. You will probably have to change a few things about your daily routine, at least for a while, to facilitate healing. If you know that the clothing you wear is a likely cause of irritation, you will have to change to looser garments that don't rub your skin as much.

Red Rash in Groin Area -Red Scrotum Syndrome Treatment- Clothing

The type of material used to make your garments is important. Cotton is much more breathable than some other fabrics. Try as often as you can to wear undergarments and outer clothing that allows your skin to breathe. This will cause less irritation and make you heal faster from your groin rash.

Do not keep sweaty clothing on for long periods of time. Sweaty clothes encourage the growth of candida in the groin area. If you have a groin rash, keeping the area cool and dry is important. Excessive dampness will hinder healing. Change damp clothing as soon as possible after running, going to the gym or participating in any other form of exercise.

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Red Rash in Groin Area -Red Scrotum Syndrome Treatment- Soaps and Detergents
A skin fold rash sometimes develops when the skin around the groin comes in contact with an irritating chemical. For example, you may use a harsh soap that causes a bad reaction. If you notice a red, itchy rash after you changed to a new soap or body wash, the very product that you use to clean your skin could be causing a problem.

Allergies like this sometimes develop over time. That means you could have been using a particular soap for a while without noticing any ill effects. As time passed, your skin could have become more sensitive to it and you developed a rash.

Detergents that you use with your clothing could also be the cause of a rash in the groin area. If you think this is a problem, try switching to a milder detergent when you're doing your laundry. If you work at a job where you frequently come in contact with solvents that get on your clothing or skin, that could also cause an itchy rash.

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Red Rash in Groin Area -Red Scrotum Syndrome Treatment- Powders, Ointments and Creams
Antibacterial ointments and creams help the skin to heal. However, not all powders, creams and ointments in this category are equal. These are three which help men who have Red Scrotum Syndrome:
  • Zeasorb AF powder- this has an ingredient that discourages the growth of yeast
  • Lotrimin cream- this cream should be used for a couple of weeks to help your skin heal
These ointments and creams are really good for treating a skin fold rash. They work quickly to control the growth of yeast that damages the skin. All of them can be obtained without a prescription. Talk to your doctor about other effective powders, creams and ointments for an itchy groin rash.

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